Blocked Drainage Pipe

Blocked Drainage Pipe

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Emergency Blocked Drainage Services, Drainage Cleaning and Unblocking

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Blocked Drainage Services – 24-7 Emergency Call Out


Blocked DrainageDiscovering you have a Blocked Drain or Pipe has a habit of happening when we least expect, and at the most inconvenient of times! In most cases the only way you’re aware you have a problem is when it’s too late!

Here at Wearside Rewinds Drainage Services we understand a quick resolution is critical and any wasted time could result in costly repairs and downtime. That’s why our rapid response Drainage and Flood Service Team are on 24 hour call out; we operate 24-7, 365 days of the year!

From the second we receive your call our highly trained and dedicated staff will make every effort to get to you as quick as humanly possible.

With over 30 years’ experience you can be rest assured you are in safe hands, and your personal emergency and time of crisis becomes our number one priority.

CCTV Drain Survey – Having the latest technology is vital to quick diagnosis and repair. We have the latest CCTV drainage survey equipment to quickly see what is causing a blockage, once we know what is causing the problem we can assign the correct fix. We also have a custom built bespoke all terrain remote control vehicle to access even the most inaccessible areas.
Drain Jetting – In most cases the cause of a drain blockage can easily be removed. Most blockages are caused by the build-up of discarded everyday products such as cooking fats and oils, nappies, and face wipes etc. Once a blockage is located our high pressure self-guiding drain jetting machine makes quick work of any unwanted build-ups, and gets you back up and running in no time!
Blocked Drainage Pipe
What causes blocked drains? – As well as the usual suspect mentioned above under drain jetting, more serious underlying causes can be at fault. These more serious causes such as collapsed drains due to age or damage from tree roots etc. can easily be diagnosed using the latest CCTV drain survey equipment. A self-fed camera is sent up a drain and live footage is then sent to a remote hand held colour monitor to locate and diagnose the cause. Once the cause has been ascertained we can quickly decide a cause of action and repair the problem.
Joint Water Leak
Flooding – As well as providing a drainage blocking service we also offer a complete clean-up service operation. Regardless of the flood cause our heavy duty Industrial water pumps quickly remove any unwanted water down to 1mm depth.

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Or if you have a general inquiry and would like someone to call you back, then please complete the contact form.

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